The Academy is NOT just a technology driven ‘remote’ learning programme! Yes, those adaptations of technology are included and supremely powerful when added to the mixRead More
You have a computer (because you are reading this!) and so you can join in easily from wherever you are…and that’s what makes Web Meetings such an ‘must’ in todays world.Read More
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The Academy works. It is packed with tons of excellent proven ideas, full of a variety of events and learning and involvement options…but it is also committed to really helping you grow.Read More

The Academy

Everything that you learn from our range of Business Booster programmes takes time to apply to your business or role and so we have developed our monthly Academy’s to help with this.

Every month we hold our academy’s in several different locations across the UK so you can choose which one to attend to suit you.

Each month you will run through making a certain change to your business work on the plan during the event and of course Ben Kench our leader and founder will be there to help with any questions specific to your business.

As if that is not enough the monthly academy’s have proven a great place for our clients to network and do a lot of very good business with like minded people.