Live Events

The Academy is NOT just a technology driven ‘remote’ learning programme! Yes, those adaptations of technology are included and supremely powerful when added to the mix…but ultimately we believe business is about people! And we believe people with people is the core of business growth and relationships are the core to a business future. Thus with that end The academy is proud to be committed to live events each and every month.The Academy provides entertaining and engaging ‘real live events’ where the learning is superb and the power of real networking is priceless.

Imagine a room full of committed people all on the same wavelength and keen to learn and grow…wouldn’t that be a rich and productive group to network with?

Imagine being introduced every month to top flight recognised business leaders…wouldn’t that be an incredibly valuable meeting?

Its about who you know !

Re-Energising, Entertaining, Informative! Real Live events with committed driven business leaders…powerful stuff!