Endless Frustrations?


Surviving But Not Winning?

The Academy - Powerful…Inspirational…. ‘Real’

Imagine finding the answers to all of you business problems, boosting your business in a vibrant supportive group and finally succeeding in seriously growing your income …..

And it’s GUARANTEED!!!

Is your world full of ‘problems’ right now…

Like seemingly too much to do and not enough time….Like hating being on your own and having to solve everything yourself…and like needing more money to fix the pain but you haven’t got the money so its feels terrible…like really enjoying the work when you get it but there isn’t enough coming your way…and like wanting to charge more money and what you’re worth but you feel that competition and economy etc are against you??!!!!

Relax! There is a solution – The Business Booster Academy And it’s GUARANTEED!!!

Ben Kench – The UK’s No 1 Sales & Business Growth Specialist
Coaching you personally!!
Ben has:
– 15+ years coaching pedigree
– Added literally Millions of pounds to 1,000’s of small businesses
– Best selling author of ‘Selling For Dummies’
– Sought after Professional Speaker on stage at all leading UK Business exhibitions and events
Ben Kench

My mission

“I know that it’s a tough journey and I am passionately committed to being there for you. I’ll share my considerable experience and introduce you to my many influential friends…but most of all I’ll be there for you personally because I care. My Academy Programme comes 'From The Heart' and you WILL win”
See what's included
The Academy is your partner

Your trusted friend and advisor…your sounding board, your supporting arm and your ‘family’ group

The Academy is ‘full-spectrum’

Covering every business topic and every area of your challenge. It might be lead generation or cash flow or systems to save time or better selling to earn more...whatever it might be we work through everything!

The Academy is ‘Real’

Because we laugh and we will struggle and we will give and share together.
Refreshingly we enjoy 'live' events AND digital virtual 'always on' support!

Finally There IS A Solution!

Stop The Stress, Put An End To Doing It Alone And Actually See Your Income And Success Dream Become Reality AND YOU Can Try It For Free!!
The Business Booster Academy is a 12 month business development and coaching programme that is absolutely committed to helping you succeed.
Proven over 15 years …..Tried, Tested, Perfected…
‘Real’…Yes Real events with the Personal Touch…alongside technology and full support.
YOUR perfect ‘Coaching & Support’ package.

I simply invite you to try it. Come along to an event and lets show you how your future business success is better when your not doing it alone.

Coached by the UK’s No1 Sales & Business Growth Specialist For only £100 a month!!!

Yes, absolutely incredible value!!

Bens says: “I am privileged to enjoy income from higher-level larger business clients and yet my heart goes out to the smaller business owner who might be right now struggling in a bedroom or small home office and just need help! They don’t have money for higher fees but I know that I can help …and so I have created The Academy for a nominal commitment of just £100 so that it truly is affordable for anyone who is serious about growing a business”


  • If you are fed up with the loneliness of running your small business…
  • If you are fed up with not having enough money to action your plans and just want someone to show you how to get going…
  • If you are nervous about possibly choosing the wrong person to help you and cannot afford to make any mistakes….
  • If you genuinely want to grow and are open to learning…

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100% Satisfaction. 3:1 Return Guaranteed!!

Our promise is that The Business Booster Academy is exactly as we say…a truly inspiring and motivational programme with our founder Ben Kench, where we systematically work through a whole structure of business growth challenges.

  • AND allow personal interaction so that YOUR questions are answered
  • AND introduce you to many Top Name Speakers, Authors & Business Leaders…friends of Ben who will come along to each event too!!
  • AND give you Private Member Access to our unique coaching forum
  • AND help you with video lessons, video Q&A
  • AND access our document template library
100% satisfaction guarantee

Absolutely 100% Zero Risk

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I Love Fleetwood Mac…I’ve got all of their albums and they’re great…but nothing beats a live performance!”

You just gotta be there!

These are the words of a long-standing Academy member…

You see in this world of technology and ‘virtual’ everything with ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Fake News’ its almost impossible to actually get up close and personal with someone who is real and not hiding behind a web page and automated emails from California or somewhere remote!!!

And that’s not good for your business.

The Business Booster Academy is a real live full-on meeting with Ben Kench personally coaching you. We swap ideas, enjoy a laugh and embrace some business-changing learning. Every month you can walk in and immerse yourself in a vibrant supportive group where you will be personally supported and coached.

The academy

“I believe in myself…but I hate being alone!”

You are never alone! In each and every group you will mix with a close knit group of like-minded individuals and genuinely begin to work together.

As a full Academy member you have access to our Private Members Area and our Private Member Academy FaceBook group…where there is always one of our team and many other members ‘hanging out’! You are alone only when you choose to be!

It’s always easier when you can mingle…when you can share and receive ideas…where someone can maybe even become a co-working colleague, supplier or customer!

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The Complete Solution – Every Business Challenge Covered… And ALWAYS In A Friendly Supportive Environment

The Business Booster Academy is complete.
Born from small business frustrations and refined over thousands of hours this is THE programme to carry you forwards.
Just look at some of the topics we will help you with.
  • 5 ‘Business Killers’ and how to you can never fall prey to them
  • Understand just why people buy from you and how to magnify that 10 fold
  • Learn how to become a ‘Client Magnet’ and never worry again
  • Understand that everyone has to Sell…but when done correctly it’s fun!
  • Grasp the awesome power of Leverage and how to benefit immediately
  • Learn simple management techniques, instantly become more productive
  • Discover true ‘Success Habit’s that separate winners from also-rans
  • Finally get to build your business and actually earn double by working less!
  • How to ‘blend’ technology with ‘old school’ so that you win every time
  • What the truth is about ‘Social Media’ and how it specifically applies to you
  • 3 Simple techniques that dramatically improve networking results
  • How ‘Video’ can explode your success and how you can do it for pennies
  • How to master presentations with clients and sell with more confidence

And truly so much more!!

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For 'Almost Instant' Relief and your first 30 days completely FREE

“It has literally changed my life” says Tom... it could change yours too.

Fact: very often it is the seemingly ‘little’ things that make all the difference.

Too often we can’t see ‘the woods for the trees’ and it takes someone from the ‘outside’ but with experience, insights and ability to just ‘nudge’ you in a slightly different way. Then Bang…it all seems to go brilliantly!!

Tom experienced the same scenario…and The Business Booster Academy Coaching literally transformed his business and his life.

Business success cascades into your home and reflects in your health and the reduced worry lifestyle literally can change your life.

little things that make all the difference.

This Is NOT A Quick Fix!

Lets be clear right now – The Business Booster Academy is NOT a ‘Quick-Fix, Done-For-You, Easy-Street’ solution!!!

Building your business to make it the success that you dream of takes some hard work and takes a little time.

Is it possible to see almost immediate ‘wins’? Yes absolutely…indeed you WILL feel better with more hope and belief from the moment that you engage AND Yes, there may well be ‘quick wins’ when we look together with different eyes at your business…but ultimately it takes YOU to work at it.

BUT if you’re genuinely wanting to have caring intelligent proven coaching to transform your business and more importantly your life then this IS the ultimate solution.

The Business Booster Academy – Guaranteed business success.

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For 'Almost Instant' Relief and your first 30 days completely FREE

Be Coached Personally by Ben Kench And Discover Why Ben’s Private Clients Pay Up To £1000 hour! …Hear from other’s Ben has coached…

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.
Ken Brennan,

Derby, UK

``Ben's coaching is refreshing and massively stimulates the mind.
He reminds us of all those things that we know as well as gently pushing our company to achieve the goals that we set! There is so much energy! Every meeting leaves you feeling energised and inspired again... We are already seeing positive results, highly recommended``
Mark Durn

High Wycombe, UK

It has been the best investment made to my business & me personally since we started trading sixteen years ago. I expected to achieve growth in our sales performance but what I didn’t contemplate was the difference that Ben made to me personally, in making me completely accountable & shifting my whole outlook on life & business. Very simply, the best money I have ever spent investing in myself & the company.”
Freddie Rayner

Northampton, UK

I would just like to state that Ben's Business Booster coaching was fantastic! So much energy and enthusiasm from you!
I would have no hesitation in recommending your course to anyone needing a `shot in the arm` to help energise their thinking, and Boosting their business!
Andy Morgan

Coventry, UK

I can honestly say working with Ben transformed my outlook and mindset in business. His knowledge and enthusiasm to help is immense. If you do as he instructs you can’t fail to increase your business acumen and ultimately your bottom line whilst decreasing your time spent in the business. Employing Ben was the best thing I ever did.

“What Makes Some Businesses Win Big Whilst Hundreds Of Others Desperately Struggle?”

Let’s be clear – it’s not as easy as it appears!

Isn’t it fascinating how in the same geography businesses in the same ‘sector’ can be performing so differently?!

Why is it that one business is doing so well and others seem to struggle?


Well often the differences are ‘small but profound’ and when you join in with The Business Booster Academy you will discover exactly what those smaller but significant ‘tweaks’ are…and how to apply them and transform your business forever!

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Fact: Coaching MASSIVELY Increases Your Success Chances

Millions of people in today’s business world have opted to have their own business – that is fantastic!

BUT sadly 80% or more last barely a year and of the survivors’  another 50+% die within 3 years.



Because ‘Business’ is not the same as ‘being good at something’! Too many people embark on the whole business journey because they have the ‘core skill’ but then haven’t actually got a complete set of ‘Business’ skills. And it’s what they don’t know that kills them.


YOU can be one of those that not only succeeds but thrives – but do NOT do it alone!


The Business Booster Academy is your safety net and survival tool. It is warm and comforting whilst challenging and progressive. The end result is that your business wins where most others fail.


The Business Booster Academy

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For 'Almost Instant' Relief and your first 30 days completely FREE

How 'The Business Booster Academy' Programme Works

  1. You make a decision to actually win and not just ‘carry on as you are’
  2. You join in with the programme and play ‘full-on’
  3. You share ideas, learn and work with the group and let ‘Business From The Heart’ be your key to success.

Do NOT Expect It To Be ‘Done For You’! 

The Business Booster Academy WILL help you if you join in with commitment and apply the ideas and work the way the programme works. It is 100% Guaranteed as long as you do your bit!

You will be guided, supported and coached where YOUR issues, questions, challenge are included …but ultimately it is you that holds the key.

IF you are determined to win and accepting that whilst you are talented and capable none of us know everything and so all of us can benefit from coaching and sharing, then The Business Booster Academy is perfect. If you feel that ‘I don’t need coaching’ then do NOT join in.

I, Ben Kench, will personally be with you, just meet me halfway!

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