What do you get?.. good question!

In a nutshell I am on an absolute mission!

When I look around at the thousands of small businesses in the UK I see the pain underneath the surface that I so horribly experienced myself. Although business owners 'put on a brave face' and portray to the outer world and connections when networking that "everything is good" that just is not the case.
It's an understandable approach because one has to be positive but its a lie.
Small businesses often only limp along.
I've been there, it's horrible and it doesn't have to be that way.

The Business Booster Academy is a structured holistic approach that WILL make things better.

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Ben Kench

You'll want to know a little more about me

Well I am firstly a father. I sincerely believe that family and family values top the list and I am driven to ease the stress of business failing because of its impact on the precious family unit.
I am also driven to promote people's health and a healthy planet and I know that work-life balance is critical. Thus The Business Booster Academy is structured for you to achieve exactly that.

You can find me....

I am so blessed that my career has helped me to a level of prominence and thus allows me to reach people all over the country.
I am often asked to speak at major business and franchise exhibitions so please if there is a show near you, come along and lets meet personally.
Selling For Dummies
International Franchise Show
The Busness Show
The Business Booster
Business Startup
The Business Channel TV

Ok, but how do you personally help me?

Totally Fresh 'Holistic' Energy

This is NOT just coaching...this is 'From The Heart' unique holistic approach to your business AND you! Fresh, inspiring, effective.

Structured 'Designed' Programme

Everything happens by design not accident. Your business will be guided towards the growth goal that you want and at every sequential step you get personal support.

'Real' Events With Total Support

There is nothing like the uplifting inspiring energy of a dynamic group session...but we all need to ask questions and get help in the gaps between meetings. The Academy gives you everything that you need.

and to keep me on track....

We work YOUR plan...

When you join in with The Academy together we design your growth plan...and each month we step by step help you along it. The team hold you 'accountable' and 'push' you so that you genuinely see results.

12 months of specific activity

Every small business needs help in many similar areas. For example, Social Media Marketing...but your business will benefit from a slightly different approach than others in a different sector. Thus The Academy coaching programme helps you tailor advice specifically to suit your business.

Weekly and monthly connection

Every month there will be a 'Live' event near you...and every week a web-based meeting so that you are never left struggling alone.

Be A Part Of The Mission

The world of business needs to change! Pause for one second and reflect on huge planetary issues...we are destroying forests, raping oceans and ruining lives all in the name of profit. Is that what you want?!

Smaller business feel powerless and suffer and that pressure cascades into homes and childrens lives. Collectively we CAN do something about it.
One small business at a time we can create a fresh approach that is not so destructive. Yes make profits, Yes value money...but NOT above people and the planet.

Improving your business gives you more confidence and strength and eases your stress...and in that better energy you can make healthier choices for you and for the planet. It starts with YOU. Lets make big change one step at a time.

For 'Almost Instant' Relief Join Now

This is NOT just about cold hard cash!

This is really important.

As previously stated, I am driven to help create change.

'Cold Hard Cash' even in the feelings of the words implies that there's no real and meaningful enjoyment in money! We need more.

Yes money is important in this current system...and Yes this programme WILL help you make more money...but it's about the bigger picture. Its about how you feel. It's about your health and happiness and it's about getting back enjoyment and feeling like you belong again.

The Government wont help ...they tie us up in legislation and their empty promises merely fleece more taxes.
Politicians wont help...they're too self-invested in looking after their own ends and we are tired of their squabbling and rhetoric.
Banks wont help you...because they are a part of the problem. Global corporate squeeze funded by 'old-boys network' that never really cares about you as a small business.

The Business Booster Academy is YOUR solution...and together we become a catalyst for much bigger change.

You will NOT get

Text-book ideas and 'regurgitated' theory! Every moment is live, real, energised and creative!

You will NOT get

a rigid approach that shares an over-reaching idea but doesn't help YOU apply it to YOUR business!.

You will NOT get

ignored by 'machines' when you need help or passed straight into a 'cold and mechanical' system-only approach! The Academy is real people-to-people support.

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