Feeling Stressed With Work?

Do you get up and ready for work knowing that even before your day has begun that you’re dreading it?!

Does the mental juggling of all the ‘things to remember to do’ stretch you to the limit and often beyond so that you simply feel the urge to run away?!

And when your day is done are you managing to switch off your head or in fact are you thinking work whenever you’re not actually at work and so basically your just burned out?!

It’s a sad fact that whilst many thousands of us today have taken ‘advantage’ of the freedoms of self-employment and started out own businesses we are i fact working waaay more than we ever would if we’d remained employed!! yes, whereas when we were employed we mostly switched-off when we left the building or at least t the end of a day, when we are self-employed we actually carry on longer and longer. Bluntly put, it’s killing us!

Good news though – it doesn’t have to be this way. Ben Kench, author of ‘Selling For Dummies’ and creator of The Business Booster Academy says:


“Managing and running a small business is in itself a job! We’ve never really beee trained in ‘business’…and there’s nothing wrong in that, but carrying on without being shown a more efficient way is like constantly filling a leaky bucket and never asking how to plug the holes. Its crazy! There is a way that can be learned…and the outcome is a fraction of the hassle!” says Ben Kench,

In truth there is a way to manage you better …here are 3 very simple ideas:

  1. Write everything down even if you’re constantly carrying a notebook because its easier on your brain to remember where your note was than remember everything you made a note of!
  2. Tell the truth always! I know this is probably a life hack not just business but its much more stressful to remember what you said if it wasn’t necessarily the whole truth! I’m not preaching but honestly its a better policy! (see what I did there!)
  3. Schedule time for everything you’re going to do. Literally. Do NOT leave empty ‘morning in office’ type sections on your planner because it will get wasted and you get consumed and it just doesn’t work! Schedule everything and whilst it seems a little ‘anal’ trust me it helps massively with your stresses because you’ll be accomplishing more.

Oh, one more thing…join in with our Academy! Yes, I know its a shameless plug but that is exactly why The Academy was created – to bring you and I and a team of us together to lighten your load and share really brilliant simple ideas that work. So come on, join in!

See you soon