What if I am not local?

There will be more and more ‘local and real’ events happening…but until then your membership does not limit you from learning and growth.

In this ‘modern’ age we have incredible communication tools that even 5 years ago didn’t really present a feasible alternative to physical meeting. Now it is absolutely easy and perfectly practical to have private and group video conferencing so that we need never feel isolated even when the weather or family commitments prohibit physical meeting. My team and I are committed to being there for you and so location is never an issue!

Will I genuinely see growth within my 12 months membership?

Firstly let me assure you that the team and I are 100% committed to your success. We will do everything in our power to support you, inspire you, connect you.

Yes! And we Guarantee it!

Simply put the programme works if you work the programme. Obviously if you do not attend every meeting and if  you don’t apply the ideas and if you don’t accept the advice then clearly nothing will change. BUT if you work with us and are willing to be coached then Yes it works…and you will feel the impact way before the 12 months. Indeed you don’t need to leave! Your membership doesn’t end we just ask for a period of 1 year to allow time to make a difference!

Can I meet you personally?

Of course! And it will be my pleasure!

The Academy is very personal to me…your business matters to me…and your life and those who you hold dear matter. People are more important and so with that loving energy I promise you now Yes we will meet and Yes we will talk together. I have avery supportive professional team who will also be involved but I’ll be there for you too. x

Can I speak with you personally

Yes! Of course! I am not nor never will be a prima-donna that is aloof and out of reach! Clearly I am busy and there will be structure and scheduling but I promise to be personally involved in every step of your journey with both live events and web-based Q&A etc and so of course we will speak personally!

What if there isn't a event near me?

There will be weekly ‘virtual meetings’ along with monthly ‘live’ events in a city near you…but our events are SO inspiring and uplifting that you will always get massive value return even if you take a day out once each month to travel to a meeting a little further away.

I am already in other groups, can I still be in this?

Good question! Yes of course you can!

Ultimately I am committed to helping you grow your business and more importantly I am driven to help make your life feel better. I respect that you already ‘know people’ so you need only do what you want to do. You might fins of course that you’re happy enough with The Academy that in the end the others are not required?!


Well in simple terms I have sold over £3million of coaching and n a few years!

What sort of growth can I expect?

Well as stated in earlier comments your return in terms of growth will directly be proportionate to your efforts….the more you apply then the more impact you will see. However there is always a Guarantee that simply promises a minimum 3:1 ROI! yes 100% Rock Solid Guarantee…if you attend all of the events and work through and apply the ideas as shown then 100% your business will grow!. My passion is to make a huge difference to your life and how you feel and I know that improving your business stresses and adding several thousands goes a long way towards that so that is always our aim 🙂

How soon will it take to se a difference?

This might sound a little bold but I will say that the impact can be immediate. Yes, in the very first few days and weeks. Hundreds of experiences shared with me tell me that when you ‘step in’ to the energy and accept that actually ‘there is a better way’ The Universe steps up and mets you! Literally within days you can feel a change and the positive vibes translate into real deals and constant and solid improvement.

What if I want more personal coaching??

The Academy is an awesome structure but sometimes we meet a business owner who is a little more driven and with a slightly larger business and so Yes, there is a layer of additional more personal coaching called ‘Serious Players’ that you can apply for. This is of course more money but that will be discussed upon application.

Are there others in my industry in the coaching group?

This is not a ‘networking group’ where some have a ‘one seat per business category’! The Academy is a holistic, warm business growth group and all are welcome…indeed we coach coaches to grow!! So it may well be that others who do similar to you are in the group…as this simply mirrors the real world…but that certainly will not restrict your growth opportunities!

Business coaching support

But I have some questions for you too!

Yes, it’s true…I’d like to ask YOU some questions.

You see I care about your future and I will NOT sell you a dream or a growth programme if clearly you simply do not have the aptitude or intention to apply yourself and play full-on!

Are you ready to share? Listen? Learn? Apply new ideas? Think differently? Be guided?
Are you agreeing that business practices could be 'better for all' and want somethng more caring?
Do you want to see more money in your pocket and more smiles on client's faces?

If you're answer is Yes then come on in!

Are you interested?

I would just love to connect with you, answer any additional questions you may have and hopefully encourage you to get involved.
Yes I'm interested. Tell me more!

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