Running Your Own Business Can Be Lonely

Running Your Own Business Can Be Lonely

So, you’re really focussed and you bounce out of the shower, grab a coffee and get straight to your desk….and then speak to hardly anyone and see no-one and its driving me mad by 4pm!!!

You are effective and driven but it really doesn’t feel great when you get that disappointment of a customer not yet ready to buy and you’ve non-one to bounce off!

Do you manage ok mostly but then in truth you can feel your efficiency slipping and the will to live almost gone by late afternoon?! …It’s just no fun being on your own most of the time!!.

“As economies have shifted and we have become a nation of small business owners we are enjoying a weird mix of freedom t work where and when we want and yet displacement from the working system that meant we actually belonged! Its ‘core human psychology’ to want to be a part of a group or ‘tribe’. We need to belong. And for many whilst ‘going to work’ felt like a drag, what we miss when it’s gone is the sense of belonging and a family group of co-workers. thus it’s a fact, unless we deliberately engineer in a similar substitute then self-employed business owning can be a drag!” says Ben Kench, creator of The Business Booster Academy and author of ‘Selling For Dummies’

Many many business owners ‘beat themselves up’ if they’re not tied to their desk and yet its a proven benefit to get up and go out so that we are more effective when we come back. Indeed belonging to a group so that we always have someone to call, somewhere to visit and others in the same situation is also core to surviving the owning a small business lifestyle.

There is hope though! Here are a couple of useful pointers:

  1. Set yourself a deliberate plan of ‘seeing someone every day’. I know it sounds obvious but take control of your diary and make sure that everyday you’re out for a couple of hours seeing either a supplier or better a possible customer. It massively refreshes your mindset.
  2. Fresh air and exercise…even if only a 20 minute mid-afternoon or a 30 minute lunchtime walk can literally transform your day. The Universe is an amazing powerful entity and when we immerse ourselves in it we are often inspired and feel alive and ready to go again. Even in the rain -if we are wrapped up warm and dry, there is a magic that happens when we get out of the office and into fresh air. It’s free and its always available so don’t restrict yourself! Stop feeling guilty for stopping work instead see it as vital in the same way as food!
  3. Join a group…like The Business Booster Academy where there is a structured gathering as well as a deliberate team spirit that means there is always someone in exactly the same scenario as you and thus you always have support and someone who understands.


The Business Booster Academy is a deliberately established and structured learning and development group where with leadership and coaching there is always a common sense of purpose and tasks to be addressed. It’s unique approach to ‘From The Heart’ business coaching means it always helps with human issues like loneliness and stress as a priority. If you’re not already a member then check it out here