Robbing Peter To Pay Paul!

Are you fed up with what feels like a constant money juggle?!

Being honest, are you counting the pennies and frustrated that despite your hard work you still don’t seem to have breathing space to not worry?!

You have good times and then lean times and the ‘feast & Famine’ business journey is making it impossible to make enough money?!

Yep! Been there, done that!! And it’s horrible…but despite how it feels right now there is a lot that can be done. Millions of folks are employed in there own small business…and that when viewed positively means that in fact there are equally millions of small businesses that need to buy. yes, there has never been such a massive ‘marketplace’, the only trouble is that a person cannot buy unless they know who you are, what you sell exactly and why they should choose you.

Put sim ply there IS a cure for money worries…when you master the art of selling yourself a little better.

“It’s so so true that many business owners are actually really good at whet they do. When they get asked to supply a service or product almost always they deliver well…so its not a ‘problem’ with what they do, its a ‘problem’ selling. They never actually went on a “How can I sell more?” course because probably they got a steady flow of work at the beginning…but then they can’t ramp it up when they start to incur overheads and all of a sudden life becomes a struggle. However, with a little effort and some deliberate learning the sales can be easily fixed because there is in fact a huge marketplace to go at” says Ben Kench, creator of The Business Booster Academy and author of ‘Selling For Dummies’.

So if ever you feel slightly peeved about juggling monies here are 3 really simple ideas:

  1. Knowing that your business needs more money in, look long and hard at what you spend your time doing. Fact: if you don’t commit some deliberate time to actually selling then you’re not going to increase your sales! So be brutal with your time and dedicate ‘sales time’ at least 2 days a week.
  2. As any accountant will tell you often overheads can be trimmed. Whilst overhead can be trimmed a little its easier to increase margin! You will struggle to cut out phones and transport costs etc but simply adding 10% to your price will NOT kill off a good customer. Price is NOT why most people buy and arguable not why the ones that you want buy…so be strong and increase and give yourself breathing space.
  3. Add value to what you do to make your business more attractive and worth more. Look at the services that you could offer…training on new equipment for example or support line when new clients come on board with questions. In todays ever increasing digital and AI world, the value of ‘Human’ is rising. Add more personal touched and value time and advice and customers wil stay with you and happily pay that little bit more.